Saving the real Toad Hall: The house that inspired Toad Hall in The Wind in the Willows is being given a new lease of life by and owners with a colourful story of her own. 

 A second wind in the willows: The new owners of Henley's Fawley Court (the REAL Toad Hall) brings the estate back from the brink. 


Fawley Court partners with The New York Times during 'Art For Tomorrow' conference in Doha , Qatar 2016 to introduce Salon @Fawley.

Fawley Court sponsored The New York Times 'Art For Tomorrow' conference in Doha. Click here to watch the video. 


The Sunday Times features Fawley Court describing it as "One of the finest homes in England." October 2015

Henley Standard: "Woman spent eight years and millions restoring Fawley Court (and hasn’t finished."